Thursday, October 9, 2008

Singletons gone bad - again

I've been successful at using the swing framework, org.jdesktop.application classes in particular. I have a handful of applications sharing a rather large code base. Now however, of course we want to launch application B from application A. It actually works, but the problem is now that the Application singleton became B instead of A and when the objects in the A application go to use their resource map or action map, the get application B which of course isn't an A, so ClassCastException results. Ugh.

Option A: don't use ResourceMap and ActionMap.
I've already headed in this direction because of NetBeans' issues around keeping track of which class is the true application when it is generating code - so that wouldn't be all bad.

Option B: create one master application perhaps deriving from a new class MultipleFrameApplication extended from SingleFrameApplication. It would know how to create a new JFrame, etc. Arguments could be passed in to specify which "real" application to run - which in this case would mean which view to show first.

Option C: pass application A to the new view for application B. But somewhere we need a new JFrame, etc.

I have a related issue in that my model and helper (controller?) classes have common base classes and the models are singletons. So when application B launches, I'm not sure I want a whole new B model which would replicate the base classes of model A.


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