Monday, April 13, 2009

It's TOO great a time to be a geek!

... especially if you can't decide what to do first. I was about to Tweet:
STILL looking 4 desktop or web client that shows msg thread: TweetDeck- click on "in reply to" Nambu shows *future* replies. Huh?

Last time I whined about that or similar, the reply I got (you know who you are!) was why not do one (write a client) yourself? OK, OK - i will. But that's the problem: I'm taking the Stanford class on iPhone development (, where a big homework assignment is to write a Twitter client, but that's 4 weeks starting 4/20.

But, wait - Dave Briccetti published a cool sample app showing how to do this in Scala (

And of course, there's the JavaFX version - TwitterFX (

But that's after the iVolunteer project I signed up to help, and my day job!

Bottom line: Less Twitter *reading* and more Twitter *doing*!