Tuesday, May 6, 2008

NetBeans (6.1) lost my code!

Things were going so well... I had created a Java Desktop application, got a desktop pane going, a dialog and an internal pane. It was now time to take a step back, refactor a little and etc.

I renamed my project, created a project group and BOOM! No more code. After a day or so reading about various frameworks, etc. and figuring out NetBeans 6.1 I got the program running in about an afternoon. Now I have nothing.
And now I have to Join Netbeans.org to post a message about this. Forget about it! My joining wiki.netbeans.org apparently wasn't good enough. My subscription to nbannounce was not good enough. FUGGET ABOUTIT!

The GUI builder was fairly good - but I'm going back to IntelliJ.